Our mission is to establish an annual convening for Latinx cultural producers across all disciplines and fields to discuss historic and contemporary issues within the artistic ecosystem and to develop and share strategies to confront historical and ongoing systemic oppression within cultural and educational institutions. 


The goal of the Latinx Artists Retreat is to create visibility and opportunity for Latinx artists. LXAR exists at once as an evolving dialogue about what the possibilities are for not only Latinx art making, but also the embodiment and the constantly shifting terms by which Latinx is defined.

LXAR is a platform for Latinx artists to share their practice and offer support to each other, nationally, through a network of growing city-identified chapters and an annual convening. 

LXAR is inclusive of the Latinx diaspora including people who identify as Afro-Latinx, Asian-Latinx, Black, Indigenous, Native American, as well as immigrants and people who are undocumented. LXAR is committed to being in conversation presently, historically, and globally with people of color and our shared and unique experiences.